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Posted on "May 8, 2020" in Encouragement

We are Living in Unprecedented Times…Is it Time for us to Be Silent?

We are truly living in unprecedented times as we see the entire world effected drastically by the events of the past couple months. It is so exciting to us here at Father’s Heart to watch the Scriptures unfold before our very eyes and we wait in anticipation as we seek the return of our Master Yahshua! This is the time we have all been waiting for! Not that we glory in disease and famine and death and chaos, but we are elated to know that these things MUST happen…and then the end will come. That awesome time when the Bridegroom will be united with His bride and His bride is given eyes to see the Return of her Master. Oh, what great hope we have, those who place their trust and reliance on Master Yah. Oh, what great opportunity we have, right now brother and sisters, to test our faith and determine within ourselves whether we depend on the kings of this world to meet our needs, or whether we truly stand on the promises of Abba YHWH! And what an unprecedented opportunity we have, as believers in the redemptive work of the Messiah of Israel, to share the hope and the joy that we have in Yahshua…for this is the time when people are truly listening. People want to know why we have a smile on our face and peace in our hearts during a time of such turmoil. Speak, brothers and sisters! Share what you have with others. Do not be silent in this time, for YAHWEH wills that all men should come to repentance…He desires relationship with even the worst of man, if they would but cast their cares on Him. The concern in the eyes and hearts of man is great right now…I challenge you to be ready at all moments to give reason for the Hope that you have in Messiah, for this is our time to truly shine, my friends!

-Ryan Swingholm

Spiritual and Physical Well-being Update on Brethren around the World…

Shalom Family! As current world events continue to spiral “out of control,” those who put their hope and trust in Messiah can live with the certainty that we have been born for such a time as this, and that come what may, we can abide, without fear and apprehension, in the Shadow of the Almighty. We can have confidence in our Protector and Provider for all things we have need of and walk joyfully in the hope that we have in our Messiah. Through every storm, every trial, every tribulation, we can be at peace within ourselves and know that our redemption is nearer now than ever before…HalleluYah!

I wanted to share an update on the status of brethren in different parts of the world whom I have been in contact with. I share this as both an encouragement to the reader, as well as a testimony of the faithfulness of our Father Yahweh. To all of you prayer warriors out there, this will also give you some things to lift up before the Father in your times of supplication. Here’s the short version of the “intel” I have received…unbiased and uncensored!

A brother from England tells me that they have developed an “app” in the UK that reveals to others who has the “virus,” who has the vaccine, and who the “scanned” has been in contact with.  The brethren I have contact with are relatively safe and being provided for and ministered to by brothers Vince and Melvyn.  They haven’t reported any need, except that the eyes of their countrymen may be opened to the true Good News.  Apparently there is a lot of deaf ears there in England.  Vince continues distribution of his weekly Shabbat messages (which I try to re-distribute to others as often as I remember to). 

South Africa is rioting, looting, packs of violent, hungry people causing disturbances.  Food lines three miles long.  Five brothers and their families are liquidating all their assets and trying to buy a farm in order to get out of a big city and start up a permaculture-type of community.  Please keep this situation in prayer as they are in a bit of a dire situation.  South Africa is becoming increasingly dangerous on many fronts and getting out of the “system” is quite needful at this point.  The Father’s Heart Vision is helping however we can and we hope to be able to help the brethren get settled on the farm.       

Ugandan authorities are still beating/arresting people for being in public.  Motor traffic is non-existent.  Food scarcity (in the cities) is very real.  Some of the brethren there are surviving in villages, trying to stay out of cities (for those who were able to get out).  In order to get out now they have to go under cover of darkness and walk many miles.  My mother in law got out, but my children and some other brethren are still stuck, running quickly out of food.  Please keep them in prayer.  The brethren in the northwest (West Nile) are basically surviving in an “underground congregation” scenario.  Thankfully they have plenty of fish from their own production and much food in the ground.  They are able to provide for the widows and needy.  Two houses have been built for a couple widows who were persecuted in their respective communities for being Sabbath keepers.  They are now living on property donated to Father’s Heart next to Phillip and his family.  Phillip and his wife are raising six orphans who lost their mother (a sister in Messiah) a few months ago.  They are all staying in our house (the house we started building before we left Uganda last year).  Phillip and his brothers Simon and Justin continue to travel by foot and bicycle to the surrounding communities and villages to share the hope they have in Yahshua.  They are watched by their local community like a hawk and will be turned in if found fellowshiping together, so the brothers go out alone to share the Good News inconspicuously.  Many are still coming to the knowledge of Yahweh’s love, including three Muslim’s just last week!

Nicaragua is increasingly getting more dangerous and a brother who sought political asylum here in the states is still trying to get his wife and daughters safely out of Nicaragua.  Please keep this situation in prayer…for more information, please contact me at fathersheart@protonmail.com.

Much to my surprise, Costa Rica has become dangerous in regards to the current world events.  A brother in Messiah and his family (they have been operating a ministry there for many years) are actively trying to get out of Costa Rica.  It doesn’t sound like a good situation.  I don’t know the details but will keep update as I receive information. 

There is a brother and his family of 9 from Minnesota who is still trying to find a job, but the doors keep closing.  Praise be to Yahweh, He continues to provide for them, but please keep them in prayer.  There are elderly brethren in Arizona who are doing well, but do not have fellowship anywhere near-by, but they do have online fellowship.  I have recently been in contact with several brethren around the States, and have gotten no reports of any serious need, thankfully.  Missouri seems to be a hot-bed of “Torah activity” and we are seeing many exciting things happening in the “Kingdom realm.”  A needed prayer for the Missouri community is unity in Messiah and the germination of the Fruit of the Spirit as brethren strive to live peaceably among one another.

If anybody has any encouraging words for the community, please share in the comments section below! We all need one another now more than ever as chaos ensues in this world.  But surely, we have been born for such a time as this!  May the peace of YAH consume you and give you shalom through it all.  Let your light shine before all men and always be ready to give reason for the hope you have in Messiah…the ears of the people are open like I’ve never seen! 

Yahweh bless,
Ryan and Alice

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  1. Ryan and Alice,
    Congratulations on the establishment of this website. I hope you will share your news letter here chronicling all the works of Yahweh in Africa and wherever Yah leads you to minister with teaching and wittiness and healings and miracles .
    Matthew 9:35-38 And Yahushua went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their congrega- tions, and proclaiming the Good News of the reign, and healing every disease and every bodily weakness among the people. And having seen the crowds, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, as sheep having no shepherd. Then He said to His taught ones, “The harvest truly is great, but the workers are few. “Pray then that the Master of the harvest would send out workers to His harvest.”
    And as for the workers we must not slumber .
    Let us not be foolish but make sure our lamps are full of the set apart Spirit so that that lamp will burn brightly and we will be ready for the Bridegroom!

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